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Our Leaders

We Value The Heart Above All

Kitten Scoop was founded when a few dedicated kitty lovers got together, and wanted to leave the world better than they found it.   What started with fostering a couple blossomed into helping a few individually.  From there, we joined each other to help the many.


Amanda Coats


 Amanda, has been in rescue for decades. She is our TNR Expert and go to.  You will often first see her in the field helping caretakers with the cats they feed.  She has pioneered new trapping methods using the most humane solutions, and effective colony management and what that entails.  She also teaches TNR classes so anyone can learn. 

Sue Wingert

Head of Fundraising and Secretary 

Our Secretary and Fundraising guru,  Sue Wingert has always had a love for animals.  Her and her daughter Macie saw a real need for change for our community cats.   Sue has fostered many kitties in her Kitten Cabana from the streets of Pittsburgh.  She has always set a positive tone here with her great leadership and shes always smiling and happy to help.   Of course, she is always ready to save more kitties…… she never says no.

Phoebe Availabe cat at kitten scoop

Heather Miller

Medical Director

Heather has many years as a Veterinary Technician in shelter medicine.   She is always there when we need her advice caring for the street cats no one wanted.  With her expertise, we are equipped with the tools needed to turn their lives around and finding their forever human.

Connie Martino



Our newest member to the board. Dependable, kind, caring and organized are only a few words often used to describe Connie. With her organizational skills and technology degrees she often fills a void before we even see a need. She has a heart of gold and would love to save all the cats. 

Adoption Partner Coordinator

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