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Ready to Adopt? 

Here you will find the link to our available kitties.  We hope that you find one who might interest you and be a good fit for your family!  When you do, you can fill out the form below, or download our application and email it back to us. 

Please read prior to filling out your application. 

Our goal is to place pets in permanent, loving homes.  Please complete this application, so we can assist you with finding a special, compatible companion to join your family.  With this information, we can minimize the risk of a failed adoption. Once approved for adoption, there is a separate adoption contract that you sign as an agreement between you and Kitten Scoop. 


***We reserve the right to decline any application.***

***Must be 21 to apply and have permanent residency in the state of Pennsylvania***


Some other things to consider.  You must have a vet.  If you do not have a vet at the time you are applying we can help you find one before we process your application. If you are approved, our contract requires a vet visit within 30 days of adoption.  This allows your vet to see that your new kitty is healthy.  Also, in case of an emergency you are more likely to get a same day appointment if your pet is on record with them,  Lastly, if you are considering one of our kittens, and do not have a younger cat in the home, adoption preference will be given to an adopter who wants two kittens.  They adjust much better in pairs.  We will not adopt a single kitten to a home without other pets, or with only senior pets.  

Our adoption donation is $150.  This covers all vetting services.  All rounds of FVRCP and Feline Leukemia vaccines, as well as, Rabies vaccine. Spay or Neuter, Combo Test, Deworming, Flea Treatment, Ear mite treatment, and microchip with free registration. 

Thank you! 

Apply to Adopt 
Do you currently have a vet? And is the account in the applicant's name?
Do you own or Rent?
If you are employed outside of the home how long will your kitty be left alone per day on average?
Do you travel frequently?
Do you plan on declawing?
Will new kitty be?
Does everyone agree to a new pet?
Do you agree to a member of Kitten Scoop performing a home visit prior to adoption?

If you do not have a vet, please call around and see who might be accepting new patients. If you do not have a cat under 5 at home, you can not adopt a single kitten. Choose two, or an adult. If you do not live in PA, we can not adopt to you.

Click here for a downloadable app.  You will need to print, scan and email it to

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