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Kitten Season Rescue Irritability

As featured on Community Cat Communique with Beth Frank and Amanda Coats


Kitten Season PMS

This is what I am calling the irritability rescuers face during kitten season. We are irritable.

It seems every situation is coming at us once and we are drowning.

If you have reached out to your friendly neighborhood rescuer like you did last time, and she was short with you........please give her some space. She held kittens while they passed peacefully last night because no one else cared to.

If you called and she didnt answer. Send a text, so she has a written reminder that you still need her. Instead of taking your call, she was bottle feeding a broken promise made to some wee ones whose mother was killed in the road. You know the friendly cat with a collar the owner had an appointment for spay but she got out and got knocked up and then the owner couldnt pregnant spay, too hard on their conscience.

If you've made a Facebook post, and your rescuer friend seems like they arent on the grid any longer.. ...... you havent lost them. They are tending to multiple litters of kittens and making sure everyone eats, poops, and plays. And when one even seems a little off.......they are rushing to the vet because kittens crash for no reason.

If you havent seen them in weeks. Reach out and make them go to lunch. They probably havent had a decent meal in days.......they forgo everything until they cant physically do it any longer. They are fixing broken promises made by humans, instead of eating a hot meal. Ask them when the last time it was they peed when they had to.

If you have found a litter of kittens and want to reach out. First find mom, then borrow or get a trap. Take them ALL inside and give her a call. Shes probably out trapping a kitten who lost their eye, leg, and spirit.

Offer to know your favorite rescuer still has Bills and is still working a full time job. They are minimally meeting family obligations, and cant remember the last time they shaved. They are planning events, meet and greets, screening apps, and begging for supplies. Wondering how many kittens will get left behind because there is simply not enough time.

Lastly, if you see any family, friends, distant relatives, friends of away unvetted kittens for free....... STOP them, as if your house was on fire......stop them. Then explain why you simply couldnt hold in your composure.

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