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What does "No Kill 2025" Mean for our pets

Foster Kittens at Kitten Scoop
What would have happened to these kittens in their new approach?

I recently did a long winded post contradicting an article that Best Friends Network Partners published, whereby, they deem it necessary to adopt out unfixed animals and leave the responsibility on the public to fix them as a means of saving their lives and lowering euthanasia rates.

Link to Best Friends Article.

Link to my thoughts on the article.

Now, Humane Animal Support Services (HASS) is a group of the big wig animal sheltering systems and forerunner of No Kill 2025. I have analyzed their thoughts and ideas on this no kill model and let’s say I have a few concerns. From what I gather, they are throwing money and grants to animal shelters of all sizes as long as they adopt the “No Kill 2025 approach.” These practices they are instituting undermine EVERYTHING that we have worked so hard for to end the over population. In fact, if you do see the bigger picture like I do, we will be drowning in unwanted animals by 2030.

They believe in private rehoming, fixed or not. “DON’T TAKE THAT LOST ANIMAL TO THE SHELTER AT ALL COSTS!”

They believe that spaying and neutering ISNT as important as it is to have fosters for intakes so that intakes aren’t in the shelter environment too long.

They believe that its perfectly fine to adopt out two unfixed puppies and that kittens can be adopted out as singles and not exhibit negative behaviors. After all, there’s no science behind it.

The director of Austin Pets Alive, one of the board members at HASS has repeatedly let an unfixed dog roam near her own home and never taken it in, or scanned, or to the shelter she works at.

Link to that post.

One of latest theories is that two cats need adopted out together.

This is the biggest slap in the face of all foster based rescues I have seen thus far. Because we aren’t “scientists” with published articles to back up our statements as fact, that makes them simply not true. We are at best…… vagabond fortune tellers spitting curses. She basically called all rescuers liars because she cant find an article that backs it up. My guess is she takes in a LARGE salary and has never fostered an animal in her life….. cat or dog. For if she had……. She would know better.

The no kill 2025 model relies heavily on foster based rescues taking in the animals that the shelter takes in, so the animals arent euthanized. SO they give the SHELTERS the large grants and funds and resources to change their ways to no kill YET the foster based rescues who actually have the animals, get nothing. Community cat programs GET NOTHING. We are to leave the cats where they are, and do nothing.

This podcast says that, and is very interesting.

In this podcast she notes that one cat can have 96 cats in SEVEN YEARS. She says that those charts with all those cats produced that we share all the time are wrong and very misleading. Let me explain what she really means.

One female cat (and her offspring) can produce hundreds if not a 1000 cats in 7 years time. There might only be 96 viable cats remaining due to death, famine, disease, and predators. Now, because they want to let them alone, and “they have a home outside” and “we don’t need to waste resources on cats no one wants or cares for” 90% of all the cats born in this scenario die, HORRIBLE TRAGIC DEATHS!!!!! But it’s ok I suppose because the shelter didn’t have to euthanize them and contribute to their numbers.

Remember......watching them die, or knowing that they died is the same as a shelter needle. No one should be taking large salaries from a non profit to blow smoke. These ideals have no possible way of working. There is no science to back up their claims. There are millions of animal dollars being spent on these things, and much much less dollars for spay and neuter programs and TNR in our cat communities.

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